AVANTAS help you make the right choice for you or your customers.

We are a fresh and progressive company with years of experience in designing and working with creative medium of light. We have a team of professionals from design background working with light to enhance architecture and bring you vision to life.

Our designs are unique, adhering to guidelines where dictated but mostly designed in an individual and meaningful way creating inspirational lighting for a better environment. With our Lighting Design service, you will receive a detailed and accurate plan for achieving the ideal lighting for your space. Full 2D & 3D designs can be achieved using Agi32 or Dialux which also allows us to provide an indicative drawing of the layout to aid installation if required.

Our Approach

For us good lighting is respective of the unique features and feel of each project. Our approach is minimalistic, integrated and concealed allowing the lighting effect to prevail. Not all projects need those downlights when a carefully placed lamp will do. We get involved with all aspects of lighting design, including specifying the right lighting products and lighting controls so your projects can really stand out.

We Can Offer

We always focus towards creating a strong conceptual package so you understand visually how the space will look and feel. We back this up with mood boards, sketches and modelling if needed. Our concepts are always considerate of lighting levels and regulations where appropriate. We can assist your team to focus and set up your lighting scenes when needed. Your projects come to life with these final touches that only lighting can create.

Discover the difference great lighting can make – contact NSG now to book a consultation: please fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly.


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