Every project looks extraordinary, in the right light, at the right time. Avantas Lighting Ltd makes it possible to bring your lighting ambitions and unique ideas to life. We are an architectural lighting company with a strong emphasis on world class, high efficiency, and top-quality lighting products for all your project requirements. We strive to provide the latest lighting industry trends to ensure our customers have access to the most modern designs, innovative technologies, and energy efficient solutions. We offer never-ending possibilities and that makes us stand out!


For all your requirements and projects demand, we offer you with a wide range of lighting solutions and endless possibilities to integrate the light into the space. Each project is unique, and client’s demand varies from project to project, the flexibility with customising our products makes a significant difference. Freedom to create desired lighting scene and space without any constraints to your creativity. We can support you with personalised and tailor-made lighting solution to meet your needs and ideas.

Never-Ending Possibilities

To bring your lighting ambitions to life the need for endless configuration of luminaires is the way to go. We are there to make a difference.

Adding Colours & Textures

With a wide range of colour and texture options we could help in creating the desired look and finish to suite your projects interior.


Our team of highly dedicated, dynamic, and knowledgeable professionals add a considerable value forming the backbone of the company. The task force with their great work ethics, structured working style have elevated Avantas to greater heights. The expertise in the filed of lighting over several years comes handy and adds value to any lighting requirement as does our premium product range of lights and controls.

Frank OY
Frank OY
Electrical and Lighting Design Engineer
Ganeshkumar B
Ganeshkumar B
Project Manager


A daring decision by Eddie Xu with an experience of over 20 years, motivation, and passion in the field of lighting started NSG Trading Limited in 2011 supplying lighting products to the wholesalers across New Zealand. With a desire to have a niche line of world class architectural lighting products to support lighting designers, interior designers, architects, and individuals with their project requirements Avantas was created in 2019.

With the wide range of professional architectural lighting products and controls Avantas has grown to become the trendsetter when it comes to residential and commercial projects. It is becoming popular amongst the designers and architects, which resulted in success and continuous growth of Avantas over the years.

Eddie Xu
Eddie Xu
Lighting Specialist


The photos below show the success of a project carried out in alliance with the architects, designers, and contractors. This underlines that we work with passion and are ready for new challenges thrown at us to break new grounds.